A Life Update

I do not really do this often, but this event I am preparing for is strongly relevant to the content I write here. This would be the start of a new chapter in life for me, and I sure am looking forward to what is in store.

I am moving to Germany for my post-graduate studies!

While my course is conducted in English, I have registered for German language classes there as well. This would be my seventh language for which I attend classes in, and also introduces me to a more special way to learn a language — by learning it in the country in which the target language is typically spoken.

Yes, I will be learning German in Germany, and I will try to post updates on my progress or learning journey on this site. I do hope to write up a reflection post on this as well, together with a special post on the πŸ‘πŸ» Method πŸ‘πŸ» Review series.

This has been a short life update from me, and we will return to our usual upload schedule on Saturday, 1pm UTC.

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