About Us

Zui, a language learning enthusiast, brings you anything and everything about languages.

Zui started learning Arabic in 2010, and became inspired to learn languages ever since. They began learning French in 2013, after being out of touch with that language since 2001. Now Zui teaches themself languages using resources gathered from all over, be it in print material or online resources. Current achievements include Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, and Vietnamese. Their next goals include learning indigenous and minority languages such as Navajo and Mapuche.

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Important notes (Feb 2023)

All content on The Language Closet (except the “Asking ChatGPT to create its own language” series) is written without the use of language models or artificial intelligence like ChatGPT.

The recent popularity of AI-generated content from graphics to text and code would mean that it might be difficult for some to discern between human-written and AI-generated texts. Thus, we here decide that it is of utmost importance to be transparent about how content is written here.

The post series “Asking ChatGPT to create its own language” is an ongoing exploration to discover the creative boundaries of language models in making constructed languages. While prompts were given to ChatGPT for this main purpose, ChatGPT was not used to generate the commentary and opinions on its performance.