Going on a little break

I have a little announcement to make. I have decided to go on a little break over September, to refresh, read up, learn, and reflect on various aspects of language and language learning. I will be back in October to present to you more weekly content, so yeah, be patient with me, and stay tuned!

This break has been a long time coming since lately, I have been facing a rather strong or overwhelming writer’s block, where I had many writing topics and stuff I want to present, but working on them resulted in hardly any progress. I thought I could use a bit more time to synthesise my thoughts and ideas, and to read up to compose a well-structured, and well-informed exposition of the various topics I have.

What I do hope to achieve from this break is an improvement in the way I approach writing topics, a clearer mind to write, and ideally, an improvement in the quality of writing we have here!

So a little tl;dr here: We will be on a little break for the month of September, and our next post will be on 1st October 2022, 1pm GMT.

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