Yet another vertical writing system

In a previous post, we have introduced one of the writing systems that is written vertically, but read horizontally. But what if I told you that there are more writing systems that sort of use similar writing directions? That is right, because today, we will dive into yet another one of these writing systems, that … Continue reading Yet another vertical writing system

Writing Japanese — H-hentaigana?

Ok. No, it is not what you are probably thinking. Hentaigana has nothing to do with perverted stuff so stereotypical in popular culture. This hentai we are talking about here pertains to this thing called ๅค‰ไฝ“, or variant forms, and that hentaigana, or ๅค‰ไฝ“ไปฎๅ, basically means the historical variants of the currently used hiragana script. … Continue reading Writing Japanese — H-hentaigana?